Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Bit About Blogging

Sometimes, you don't realize quite how your words will be taken, and sometimes, they get taken precisely how you expect them to.

The prestigious Columbia Journalism Review apparently picked up on my Katie Couric post of yesterday, and used bits of it in a blog that reviews blogs that review, well, journalism (I'll leave the philosophers amongst you to debate what level of self-referential pulchritude this demonstrates)! Specifically, Katie Couric in this case. Here's what my new best friend forever!!!!, Liz Cox Barrett, said:
And finally, Carl at Simply Left Behind asks, "Where Have You Gone, Katie Couric?" and then answers himself --"Katie Couric disappeared years ago, folks." The Couric that Carl "want[s] to remember" is the newswoman who grilled Sen. Bob Dole back in 1996 about his suggestion that smoking might not be any more dangerous than drinking alcohol or milk. Laments Carl: "That Katie Couric disappeared, probably with Lacy Peterson, certainly with Natalee Holloway. Maybe moving to CBS, she'll regrow some stones, but given CBS's corporate 'destoning' policy handed down from Sumner Redstone, I wouldn't bet on it."

In sum: So long, Couric! Know that your work at NBC has inspired at least one Maltese, a Motley Crüe quotation, and a discussion of CBS's supposed corporate castration policy. Only in the blogosphere, baby! Only in the blogosphere.
(Emphasis added, but wholly unnecessary...I just like italic text)