Sunday, August 06, 2006

Is Paris Burning?

Paris Hilton: ‘I'm not having sex for a year

LONDON - The 25-year-old who gained international fame when a former boyfriend posted a videotape of the couple having sex on the Internet denied leading a promiscuous lifestyle in an interview with the British edition of GQ magazine.

“I’m not having sex for a year. ... I’ll kiss, but nothing else,” says Hilton, who told the magazine she has had sex with only two men during her lifetime.
"Her lifetime" being defined as the past two hours, no doubt.

Do people realize what they're saying when they're saying it? "I'm not having sex for a year," and "I've only had sex with two men", from a 25 year old heiress who can buy whomever she wants are nearly-opposing concepts and therefore should be seriously doubted. guess? She's noticed some form of discharge and needs some medical attention for it.