Saturday, August 12, 2006

They're Claiming Last Licks

There is no one on this planet with the possible exception of Israelis and strident supporters who wants to see Israel survive more than I do. I just don't want to see this government in power any longer:
Fresh Israel raids after UN vote

Israel's military says it has begun "broadening" a ground offensive in Lebanon - hours after the UN Security Council voted for a ceasefire plan.
Israeli troops are moving towards the strategically significant Litani River, a spokeswoman said. Fresh air strikes inside Lebanon left several dead.

The UN passed a resolution urging a "full cessation of hostilities".

Israel's cabinet is to discuss the issue on Sunday and will only halt military action after it takes a vote.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is asking the cabinet to endorse the resolution, describing it as positive and acceptable.
Talk is cheap, Ehud. Why not back the violence down a notch, and stand up in principle for what you believe, rather than be a hypocrite?

I have many friends-- we were closer before this started. I hope they're still friends-- who look at my shaming of Israel's actions and say "How can you say that? They're merely defending their right to exist against people who are trying to destroy them!"

The United States made the same rationalization when we invaded Iraq. True, America's case is far weaker than Israel's, but that doesn't change the fact that it's a justification, a rationalization, to be brutal and sadistic to innocent civilians, many of whom, Iraqi or Lebanese, couldn't even have found America or Israel on a map, much less have many feelings for us.

As we saw with Katrina, whenever crisis strikes, it's the poorest, most defenseless, who get hurt the worst, because they have neither the resources nor the assistance, to get out of the way quickly. So they're stuck. And now, in places like Tyre, they couldn't get out if they wanted to, as Israel will bomb the shit out of anything on wheels.

Probably including wheelchairs, if Qana is an example.

This lunacy, Lebanon AND Iraq, has to stop or it's going to come home to roost, and not just in Tel Aviv.

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