Thursday, January 18, 2007

Rest In Peace, Good Friend

Art Buchwald died last night.:
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Art Buchwald, who took humorous jabs at Washington politicians in syndicated columns for decades, has died, a close friend said Thursday. He was 81.

Buchwald died late Wednesday, said CNN anchor Kyra Phillips. Buchwald was her mentor for 18 years, and she became a close friend of the family. The unofficial cause of death, she said, was kidney failure.

She said Buchwald's son and daughter-in-law were at his side, "holding his hand. He passed away peacefully."

"In the last few weeks, he knew it was his time," she said. "He said his good-byes to everybody."
I wrote my goodbyes many months ago to this man, and you can read them here. (Hat tip to Miss C for finding the post)

Art, we hardly knew ye, and yet you were as close to a hero-writer as I've ever had.