Wednesday, January 17, 2007

There Are Signs Of The End Times....

....if you know where to look.

For example, there's the project to launch a cross into space:
The Mission: To put a 2 inch cross in space to orbit around the world. This is made from the cross that Arthur Blessitt has been carrying around the world. He is in the Guinness Book of Records for 'the world's longest walk', now 308 nations, island groups and territories for a distance of 37,352 miles (60,099 km) This is one and one half the distance around the earth! On Foot!

Now as an extension of that walk on foot around the world a 2 inch cross made from that very cross will be put in space orbit above the earth. A cross made from the only cross carried around the world will become the first cross put in orbit around the earth! All Glory to God.
The, um, point of this miniscule cruciform?
This means that in time the cross will pass over 'the entire' earth! Every inch of it! I leave it to you to ponder the Prophetic and Biblical significance of this! For the first time the Cross and the Bible will pass directly over all the earth! All Glory to God. This is awesome and glorious. I pray that is Cross and Bible in the sky will be like a welcome banner for the return of Jesus.
You'll notice the mention of the Bible. Let me go into more depth on this:
The Holy Bible is the most read book on earth and the best seller year after year. We are including with the Cross a copy of a miniature Holy Bible on Microform! We are thrilled to include on this mission the Word of God and have it too lifted up above the earth.
2 inch cross, microfiched Bible...apparently the space heathens that have been observing and abducting us are, um, diminutive? But lest we forget that they may miss, in the vastness of near-eaarth orbit, Blessitt's message, he's thoughtfully included...
The Jesus Sticker is just something I must include on this space mission. I had printed the first Jesus stickers back in 1968 when I was the Minister of Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California. Over 20,000,000 stickers have now been printed and given out around the world. They have two messages; "Turn on to Jesus" and "Smile God Loves You". They are a florescent red color. When pealed off the roll of paper they will stick on as the backside has sticky glue.
....the first space graffiti!

Next, we have the lovely We're Eating Our Own project, also known as "Rat Out A Liberal Church."
Big Brother Blows Whistle on Florida Church

Big Brother Church Watch has written to the IRS requesting an investigation of a church which has blatantly engaged in partisan politics. Here is the situation and some background.

During the last week of August, “Rev.” Al Sharpton and Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe were in Florida trying to stir up resentment in the black community and motivate voter participation. They were spreading their baseless accusation that the election in 2000 was “stolen” from the Democrats. They now claim, with absolutely no evidence, that “one million black votes were not counted,” and that black voters were intimidated at the polls and denied the right to vote.

On Sunday, August 29th, these two were invited to speak at the morning worship service at the New Birth Baptist Church in North Miami. According to reports, the service had more the air of a noisy, enthusiastic campaign rally than a church service. Several Democrat state legislators were in the audience, as was U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek.
Damn Floridians, always thwarting the goals of the right wing by voting why are they doing this?
Our immediate purpose is to fight back against vicious left-wing attempts to silence conservative, Bible believing pastors. Every election year, liberal groups have a field day intimidating and harassing conservative pastors into silence.
Hm. No doubt all those liberal pastors like Pastors Swank, Falwell and Robertson have some 'splaining to do to these folks.

Or....Chalcedon "College", which apparently teaches that it's OK to buy cheap goods from slave labor markets, that books about religion written by auto mechanics are a sound philosophy to base your entire life on (Jesus: Lube Job Or Overhaul?), and that, in 2007, we're still waiting for the Y2K return of Christ...Judge Roy Moore (whom you'll recall was the Alabama Judge who wanted the Ten Commandments placed on a monument in his courthouse, not realizing that there might be a slight conflict with the First Amendment) is STILL running for governor of Alabama, despite losing the election so badly that his name doesn't even appear in the results...The Christian Exodus, which seeks to, well, complete what the Rebs couldn't accomplish in 1860 but with only South long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye!!!!...seceding...and of course, the ultimate Crusade website, The Institute For Theonomic Reformation, which sounds more like they've stopped trying and started making up names! The mission statement is rather interesting, however:
The Institute for Theonomic Reformation is dedicated to the restoration and application of Biblical Law and Biblical Ethics so as to faithfully encourage an explicitly Biblical Christian rule for both a national and global Theonomic culture.[....]

The Institute for Theonomic Reformation maintains the highest regard for individual liberty under God, and believes that Biblical Law should not be tyrannically forced upon any. Therefore, the ITR’s efforts are devoted to the goal that God’s Law will be freely embraced, honored and obeyed as a pattern of life everywhere and by everyone, and that national jurisprudence will return to its original Biblical foundations.

Through careful and diligent use of Christian scholarship, Biblical logic, and reason, the Institute for Theonomic Reformation strives to give the necessary persuasive arguments for cultural change. By these means the ITR diligently presses for the historic Christian claims of virtue and victory.
(emphases added)

So war is peace, good is evil, and um we won't beat you over the head with the Bible, but we will bash you in the noggin with a pillow containing the Bible, and you will conform that way! But there's more!
The weapons of the Christian are not the carnal weapons of violent revolution. The source of Christian strength and victory comes as a direct result of obedience to God’s Law. In its quest to promote this obedience, the ITR provides steadfast education, directives, and application strategies of God’s Word to every area and discipline of life. God’s Holy precepts are the weapons of the Christian Armory.
Anybody happen to catch the movie "Drop Dead Gorgeous"?
My mom gave me this 9 milimeter pistol for my 13th birthday. Yeah. I'll always remember what she put on the card. "Jesus Loves Winners". That's why I always aim to win.