Thursday, March 22, 2007

Nobody Asked Me, But...

- A friend of mine is celebrating his 32nd wedding anniversary today. For his wife, a life sentence. For him, a death sentence, for it is written, a man is incomplete until he is married. Then, he is finished (just kidding, Krishna!)

- I'll be sad to see John Edwards leave the campaign trail for such a tragic reason, but (note to self: wait for the news to catch up with the speculation)sadly, he sort of lost all his momentum already. He screwed up royally with the whole blogger "are they in? Are they out?" thing, and should by rights have a) vetted the bloggers ahead of time and b) stood by them once hired. His voice is important and while he would have been a longshot under any circumstance, I backed him in 2004 in the primaries and would have had no problems backing him again this year.

- I wish Elizabeth Edwards all the best in her struggle and my prayers are with her. They call it "incurable" but they don't know what they are talking about. Her voice, above even John's, maybe the most important Edwards' in the campaign.

- Speaking of campaigns and candidacies, I will have an huge announcement regarding the 2008 campaign, probably sometime around the first of the month. Stay tuned. Huger, they don't come.

- There was a fight in a hockey game last night...yea, I know, big shock to me which something happened that I have never seen before in nearly 35 years of watching and playing hockey: a KO in the first round. Usually hockey fights turn into endless fist-fencing duels, in which both parties square off, circle each other (literally...the ice is slippery), until someone sees an opening and lands a few glancing blows off the other guy's helmet or face mask. The combatants finally exahust themselves, fall to the ice, and that's that. But last night, in the Rangers/Flyers game, there was a one punch knockout by Colton Orr of the Rangers on Todd Fedoruk of the Flyers, who tried to cripple Jaroimr Jagr about three weeks ago. Check it out:
(not for the faint of heart)

- The trouble with Republicans is they'll sell their principles for power. The trouble with Democrats is they'll sell their principles for a shiny toy. By the way, these are also their strengths.

- On that line, the problem with the current brouhaha over the firing of prosecutors is not the firing itself, but the fact that no one read the fucking Patriot Act before voting for it, except Michael Moore. Normally, the Senate has some say in the hiring of prosecutors in their "advise and consent" capacity, but this administration has politicized what should have been clean-skirted from the get-go: the judiciary, from the hideous and embarassing decision in December 2000 to this current scandal.

- The reason we have checks and balances in our government is for precisely this situation: it gives the administration cover while also making sure the administration doesn't oversell its partisanship.

- John Bolton came off a whole lot better on The Daily Show than a lot of lefty blogs are saying in Blogtopia (©Skippy the Bush Kangaroo):

- Baseball season is nearly upon us. I'll be writing a lot about that next week, leading up to the season opener in St. Louis: My Mets v. the lowly Cards, the defending National League champions.

- Al Gore looked awfully Presidential yesterday. Looks like he lost some weight, too...

- If you look to the right in the sidebar, you'll see the brand new Actor212 Radio Days Network. Set a spell and share my music with me.

- Hang onto your butts. It's going to be a bumpy ride.