Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Why Rednecks Are Morons

Gun control is a touchy subject in America. While there is a case to be made for gun control in some parts of the country, there is a case to be made for gun ownership in other parts. I see both sides of this issue, since I have residences both in the most populated part of the nation, as well as in an area that could charitably be called "sparsely populated."

It takes a state trooper about 45 minutes to respond to a call in that area (I know, I've had to do it). In the city, I can count on a cop within a few minutes, usually.

Part of living in the city is understanding that, in dense populations, crime is more rampant, and guns are far more dangerous. Most big city police departments stand four-square behind gun control laws, and in the city, I sure do as well.

New York City has taken this one step further: knowing how hard it is to obtain a handgun in the city (or New York State, for that matter), it has taken the initiative to find out where the illegal guns used in crimes come from and to shut down the flow. Case in point:
The Republican mayor has sued 27 out-of-state gun dealers, alleging they sold firearms illegally to undercover private investigators conducting a sting operation for New York. City officials say the dealers have supplied hundreds of weapons used in New York City crimes. The lawsuits, which name dealers in Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Virginia, ask the court to require monitoring of the shops' sales.

Private investigators attempted "straw purchases" at about 45 dealers, in which one person fills out the legal forms and makes the purchase for someone else. The practice, prohibited by federal law, is typically used by those who can't own firearms, such as convicted felons.
Nine shops agreed to settle the case, and stop these phantom sales. Two shops were forced out of business by the legal bills they were running up.

However, some moron decided to fight back:
Through March 31, customers who spend $100 at either of Bob Moates' stores or Old Dominion Guns and Tackle in Danville are eligible to win a handgun or a rifle at an April 19 drawing. Among those ineligible to win, as per official rules: "Mayor Bloomberg and his immediate family members." Van Cleave said he came up with the idea to boost sales: The stores have paid thousands in legal fees.
In other words, not only are they operating illegally, according to Federal law, but they want to flout authority and flaunt their "independence" by mocking the law, and mocking Mayor Bloomberg. Rather than obey the law, and abide by the agreed-upon identification requirements, they'd prefer to see dead New Yorkers (and presumably, other Americans).

Sad, isn't it? Yet, I can almost guarantee you they'd be the first to appeal for Federal assistance should their own neighborhoods be threatened by some bizarre force of nature or man, say the military opening up a post, and exercising eminent domain to seize their gun shops.

Not, you know, that I'm suggesting a course of action for my two Senators and my Congresscritter. Far be it from me to suggest a demonstration of capitalism in action....