Friday, September 28, 2007

Nobody Asked Me, But....

1) When you see a headline "Court Won't Declare Chimp a Person", you keep hoping it means that Nancy Pelosi will be declared President by a court.

2) While not so lucky, it's still a pretty interesting story, and probably the first of many to come. The idea is that, while not a human, this chimp could conceivably be declared a legal person, with the rights accruing to such status, in this case, the right not to be sold without consent of a guardian.

3) Most people move TO Florida from Long Island...

4) She probably produces better paintings than Mark Rothko.

5) Not good news for Michael Vick.

6) In human animal news...apparently Pervez Musharraf has made peace with the ruling Pakistani courts.

7) Very quietly, OJ Simpson has crept to the top of the best-seller list, like a thug about to kill his wife and a friend of hers.

8) And don't that say more about America than all the silence about the September 11 attacks and our failure to capture the criminals who perpetrated it?

9) John Edwards is getting desperate. Seeing Hillary with a 20 point lead in New Hampshire and opening up a big lead in (for now irrelevant) Florida, facing a difficult challenge in Iowa from Barack Obama, the former Senator is looking to South Carolina for an early win. The victory would be Pyrrhic if the polls break in the other early states the way they appear to be.

10) It's nice to see a wireless company join the 20th century.

11) I may have to go to Shea to give the Mets a piece of my mind tonight.

12) On the other hand, the NHL season starts next Thursday, and the Rangers look to be a lock for the Cup.

13) HOLY SHIT! Poor mom!

14) Say goodbye to polar bears.

15) It could be a black hole. Or it could be Hotblack Desiato & Disaster Area.

16) So much for koffkoff "cheap gas"