Friday, September 28, 2007

Let's Go Mets!


Guys, ya gotta believe that Tug McGraw is looking down from high holy heaven and while he may have won one world championship with the Phillies, he knows, he knows, he's a Met, through and through. Remember, he was in TWO World Series with you.

And he's grinning that idiotic grin of his. This is precisely the kind of situation he would have loved.

Ya gotta believe, you're going to win this thing, that it's out of your hands and your bats and that fate has given you an opportunity to pull this out of the fire. You've set a record for despair now, but it has been at times like this that the Mets have always prevailed. Give a Mets team a chance at the brass ring, and they'll grab it and hold on tight.

1969. 1973. Game six in 1986, of both the playoffs AND the series.

Ya. Just. Gotta. Believe!

We do.