Friday, February 29, 2008

Because, You Know, It's All About Meme...

It is Leap Day, and as such, Sadie Hawkins Day, which means every man on earth is finding a deep dark bar to hide in.

Me, I'll be at the plastic surgeon's, assessing the damage to my face and the next round of surgical procedures.

By the way, does anyone know what that crap is they put on your face when they do surgery that takes four days to dry up and flake off, thus making you rhink you've been attacked by a face-eating zombie?

Anyway, I've been meme'd again...Thanks, MissC! Now I get to insult and annoy a whole new crop of people. Miss Cellania has rated this blog "E" for Excellent.

In keeping with the tradition, I am passing along this award to the ten blogs that I could not possibly live my week without, which of course includes MissC...


Lance Mannion (payback's a bitch!)

Sadly, No!


Whiskey Fire

The Guys from Area 51 (especially Agitprop)

The Reaction

Jon Swift