Friday, February 29, 2008

Nobody Asked Me, But....

1) Should Matt "The Eggman" Drudge be investigated, tried and convicted of treason? Didn't he reveal information that a sovereign nation engaged as an ally in a battle the United States declared was trying to keep guarded?

2) Or does it really matter, since Afghanistan is a lost cause, according to some? Is that true, Senator O-"Head of the Subcommittee Overseeing US Involvement With NATO Operations In Afghanistan"-bama?

3) Why does this man have a movie career? I've always believed it was tragically hip to think Will Ferrell was cool, but the more movies he makes and makes guest appearances in, the more I realize he's basically a tool who is terribly unfunny and who has created an enormous cognitive dissonance in his fans, who desperately try to justify their fandom.

4) Much, I suspect, like Obombers are doing.

5) Speaking of which, do you get the sense there's a bimbo eruption in our future, whether real or manufactured?

6) After all, he wouldn't be the first charismatic young man to entice a population only to let them down badly.

7) This is such a non-issue, I'm surprised they are bothering. If karl Rove couldn't make it stick in 2000, why would anyone think the Democrats could in 2008?

8) You'd think this is good news for the economy, but not so much. Inflation created a nice little bump in consumer spending and incomes in January, and now dial in the fact that consumer incomes have lagged well-behind economic growth for the past seven years, and you have a volatile mix of conditions for inflation to destroy the nation.

9) I would, but I've got too much to do!

10) While you've been debating Obama v. Clinton, look at what's happening at the gas pump...