Monday, February 18, 2008

In What Universe Was This, Again?

As you may know, or not, depending on how wrapped up you've been in the election, President Dumbya is in Africa. You may even recall that, back in 2002, Bush made note in his State of The Union address that America would increase its aid to Africa because, as he stated at an international summit later that year, "We fight against poverty because hope is an answer to terror."

In fairness to Bush, he did increase aid substantially to Africa. The trouble is, as measured against GDP, US aid was still lagging far behind nations around the globe.

Too, much of that aid was tied into two evil underpinnings: first, that sexual abstinence be the main way of preventing AIDS (enforced by the insistence that no money go to organizations that were working with the sex trade workers) and second, that African nations tighten their patent laws, so that big pharma companies would have more protections and could charge higher prices for their drugs.

And yet, he had the nerve to say this to the BBC:

"I've got a firm, heartfelt commitment to the continent of Africa and have ever since I became president," Mr Bush said.

It is to laugh. Given his lack of commitment exhibited to any person of color who hasn't either married into or been adopted by his family, one has to ponder the possibility that Bush is utterly ignorant of what "commitment" truly means.

Africa is in dire straits, Mr. President. It is in dire need of food, medicine, shelter. It is mostly in dire need of water, not just for drinking, but for irrigation.

Most of all, sir, Africa is in dire need of security. Just a quick perusal of the headlines today will demonstrate this:

Kenyan militia strike back

Uganda peace talks to resume

Intervene in Nigeria, Bush urged

UN troops 'trapped' in Eritrea

Chad declares state of emergency

And that's not even counting the continuing tragedy in Darfur and the Sudan. Sure, malaria is an huge problem in Africa, but what moron would try to control nature when men themselves cannot be controlled with the current attitude of world leaders, one of willful ignorance?

"Freedom" is just another word for these people, Mr. Bush, and you had an opportunity in the wake of September 11 to do real good in the world, to make America a truly shining beacon of hope and democracy, of security and independence.

Instead, you bullied the world and your own people onto the edge of a cliff.