Sunday, April 06, 2008

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) You may now pry the gun from his hands. Good riddance. The man was blessed with great luck and had no sense of his entitlement, except that he and his cronies deserved more.

2) A topic that SLB has been all over since our inception in 2004, thanks largely to Katrina's insistence, the US might finally be starting to pay attention. Thank god it didn't take them decades as it did with Vietnam.

3) Say what you will about McCain's hawkish stance, he has skin in the game.

4) When I speak of justice for all, without regard to race or gender or what have you, this is the kind of story I'm speaking to. Government is supposed to work FOR us, not against us.

5) I am officially eliminated in any office pool I was in.

6) This has never been an issue for me, since my life doesn't depend on my blogging. That said, I feel like I've let you guys down these past couple of weeks while I was self-indulging my depression over this beautiful face getting all fucked up by cancer. Rat bastard cancer. I'm going to find him and kick his ass.

7) The one bright spot in the whole mortgage business is that corporate powerhouses are feeling the pain of their greed.

8) But that bright spot is dimmed many millions of times over by the poor homeowners who got suckered into these atrocious deals.

9) Was anybody really surprised by this story? Bush was never interested in Russia's opinion (except when it came to validating his own horrific aggressions) and Putin is poised to be a real world leader who will fill the American void.

10) Make no mistake: America in the '10s will be as irrelevant on the world stage as Japan was in the '90s. That's Bush legacy, not only to destroy our credibility as a world power, but to destroy us economically so the world might pick at our bones.

11) I was saddened to see Tang back in the news in such a bizarre way. Who knew?

12) This is an awful lot of money to spend to be uncomfortable.