Monday, April 07, 2008

What An Afternoon!

So I wake up this morning having slept for, ohhh, all of three hours, ahead of my debut on The Blog Bunker, featuring Joe Salzone on the Indie Channel on Sirius Satellite Radio.

Not good. My sinuses exploded last night because of my allergies and there's this lone Sudafed...expired of course.

So I bully through the day, and arrive at Sirius HQ at the appointed time. First, let me say I don'tfaze easily. I grew up on the Upper East Side. Among my friends were the sons and daughters of some heavy hitters, and I would regularly bump into celebs and stars from all walks of life.

I nearly creamed my jeans when I almost ran over Candy Dulfer of the B-52s in the lobby. Alexandra, the marvelously charming engineer/producer of the Bunker comes out to greet me to let me know I have a few minutes to hang out, so I drool watching Candy get her photo taken by some PR flacks.

The appointed time. I'm a little nervous. I haven't done radio since, well, lemme think...Clinton was still President.

Bill, I mean, not Hillary.

The crew was absolutely amazing, made me feel like I'd never left the studio. I sat down, Joe walked in (he's a Paulite, if you must know), and we had a half hour of, well, fun.

I take a page here out of the actor's handbook: the two criteria for a successful performance are 1) Did you do what you set out to do, and 2) Did you have fun doing it?

Mission accomplished. I don't know how it played on air, and I have only a suspicion how it played out in the studio (if you think I'm quick on-line, you ought to hear me when I'm panicking), but I had a blast! I zinged out a couple of jokes, sucked up where necessary and even was forced to think.

Which doesn't happen often.

The encounter gave me a lot to work with in terms of blogposts, so at the very least, you guys are going to read echoes of my appearance over the next few days.

But I had fun.

I want to thank Joe, Alexandra and whatisname, the Blogcast Boy...

As I walked out, I realized why I love doing radio in the first place. So much freedom. Anybody listen in? Shout it out, please.