Friday, June 18, 2010

Nobody Asked Me, But....

1) Walking (back) the dinosaur. While it still can be used as a campaign tool this year to tar Republicans in general, it's going to be very very hard to make it stick as a charge against a specific candidate. Pity. I was hoping Barton had a real spine.
2) All that whinging you hear about BP being the victim? Fuggedaboutit. They are a prime takeover target and BP investors will make out like bandits.
5) South Carolina, the state best known for weird politics, just got weirder.
6) Interesting. NJ passed a medical marijuana law just before John Corzine left office. I was expecting the new governor, Chris Christie, to seek to overturn it. Surprise, surprise, altho there are strings attached. I wonder...there might be an "I didn't inhale" moment coming.
7) Let she who is without sin cast the first softball. Do the right wingers even know about women's softball? Maybe they should ask Elena Kagan...I don't think she's about to tell.
8) Really! Was the breathalyzer even necessary???
9) Maybe they should have hired these guys to scare the slick away from the shores? Just a thought.
10) Finally, the most exclusive restaurant in the world. So exclusive, it's not even IN a building!