Sunday, June 13, 2010

An Open Letter to Chuck Schumer

Dear Senator Schumer:

First of all, as Think Progress points out, what you said isn't true. I'm beginning to think that people who are most militantly opposed to the two-state solution are rightwing Israelis and their supporters. Which, you know, makes sense, since Israelis have a shit-ton more power than Palestinians and can do anything with our blessing other than actively, explicitly ethnically cleansing a region. Why would they settle for a two-state solution when they seem to be able to take it all? At the very least, in light of statements like this, why would we be surprised that Palestinians might be wary of promises to establish two states?

To echo what you said, I also think that countries should have boycotted trade with the US the second time we elected Bush. Maybe China should have called in their debts. Hey, maybe Saudi Arabia and other middle eastern states should have stopped selling us oil. Wait, what? Only we're allowed to elect violent, incompetent assholes and sociopaths without retaliation from other states? Democracy (tm) is fucking great!

Finally, although I'm sure you meant that Palestinians oppose Zionism because it's not part of their religion, when you say "they don't believe in the Torah," it almost sounds as if you're saying they won't support peace because they're subhuman unbelievers who will always be prone to violence. As a member of a group of people who have been historically ostracized, oppressed, and murdered for their beliefs, maybe you should learn from Helen Thomas and think about what you say before you fucking say it.

Yours truly,

Truculent A. Unreliable

PS: I'm aware that the majority of Israelis support a two-state solution, as well, but just as in the case of Islamic extremism, those voices aren't always loudest in the room. Hell, you don't sound like you're a fan of the two-state solution, yourself.

PPS: Fuck you. No, really. As a seasoned politician, how hard is it for you to avoid saying something so inflammatory at a time like this? I suppose it's safe to assume that any Islamic militants who might possibly use your statement as a recruiting tool don't have TVs or newspapers or internet access?