Monday, June 06, 2011

Mr. Speaker, Where Are The Jobs?

Dear Mr. Boener,
You've been in charge for six months now.
You've allowed hundreds of bills to come to the floor of Congress, a hundred or more to restrict the rights of a woman to have an abortion alone.
Where are our jobs, sir? This weekend, you sent out an email proudly touting how a job creation bill would be introduced.
Six months later? Really? People are starting to starve out here in the greatest, richest and most powerful nation in history, and you've been dicking around with same-sex marriage bans and Presidential "czars" and "English as the official language of the US"
If people can't feed their families, if they are forced to choose between walking away from their homes and filing bankruptcy, then you, sir, have failed the American people.
And clearly, you have. Go cry over that, biatch.