Friday, June 10, 2011

Nobody Asked Me, But...

3) I don't normally post much about sports, especially basketball but quo vadis, LeBron? I'm tempted to get all snarky about the best team money couldn't buy, how his teammates took pay cuts so the Heat could afford the guy, how he actually wasted an entire hour of prime time television to talk about something that could have taken one question in an interview to answer, and luxuriate in the schaedenfreude of James' failure to even show up in the NBA finals this year.
But I won't, because I really don't care. Except maybe for the schaedenfreude bit.
4) More and more, James Carville looks like That Old Guy: "Hey you kids! Get off my campaign trail!" I used to really like the guy. He talked a lot of sense and when he and Paul Begala collaborated on a book, it's one of the few I actually went out and bought. Now...? Meh.
5) Speaker Boener? Whar the jobs?
6) Roger Ailes of FOX News sent out one of his hatchet men to do a number on Sarah Palin. Guess which one?
7) Being a political wife blows like a harmonica.
8) So, it turns out that your cigarette really DOES feed your nerves...
9) Hey! It only took three years! Gitmo wasn't closed in a day, either!
10) Finally, the latest restaurant niche? Breastaurants. No. Really. Go ahead and click. It's safe for work. Trust me.