Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sense of Snowe

Some good news for Democrats in this year where Senate seats will be contested hotly across the nation: a sure-fire Republican re-election is going to be up for grabs as Olympia Snowe of Maine is retiring.
First, we owe her a debt of gratitude for her independence when it came to healthcare reform. Snowe is one of those Republicans that are a throwback to a time when two parties could actually compromise on things. As much as I dislike Republicans and as many other things she's done have annoyed me, I have to respect that about her. This is a nation of E Pluribus Unum, not Duo Partes Regula.
Already, the ramifications of this decision are rumbling down the corridors of Maine's political establishments, as both Democratic Congressmen (Maine being a sparsely populated state) and the Republican state Senate Leader have hinted they may run for Snowe's vacancy.
Let me throw a name out there that could settle the whole uncertainty and give the Democrats an easy win in Maine: Ask Stephen King.
Don't laugh: he was on Team Obama early in 2008, and has come out strongly in support of education.
And he's anti-war (at least these past couple of wars.)