Friday, March 02, 2012

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) There's a cryptic message from Ayatollah Khameni when he urges an huge turnout in the Iranian elections this weekend. I'm not sure, but I sense a subtle backhand to Ahmadinejad there. My gut tells me that a smaller turnout guarantees his re-election and the bigger the turnout, the less likely he'll secure a victory.
On the other hand, there are 3000 candidates on the ballot, all conservatives (in fact, it would be a Limbaugh dream), so there will be vote-splitting all over the place. On the other other hand, the 3000 basically align into two factions: Ahmadinejad's and the Supreme Council's.
2) And in a related story, President Obama intends to tell Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu that he wants a permanent solution to the Iranian nuclear question, and to reassure Bibi that America stands by Israel's shoulder.
3) Yoga championships? How does that work? No. Really. Isn't a yoga championship a little like having competitve reading championships?
4) I'm going to ignore Rush Limbaugh's outburst as the pathetic cry of a man ignored, but his anatognist, Sandra Fluke, deserves a pat on the back for how she's handling him.
5) Wow, how hard are things on the Koch brothers? They're suing to get the Cato Institute back! I guess they think it's too liberal...
7) Finally! A reason to attend the Auto Show besides the hot models displaying
8) Oh yea. This is going to cause a ruckus. Bad move, Planned Parenthood. You had everyone's sympathy after the Susan Komen debacle, and even had the conservatives shutting the hell up.
9) This cannot be good. Or is. But too little, too late.
10) Finally, The truth is out there. Now go find it.