Friday, March 30, 2012

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) This weekend marks the annual observation of Earth Hour. So please turn off all your electronics at 8:30 PM Saturday March 31 to honor Gaia.
2) The lies continue. The brother ought to be arrested as an accessory after the fact for the shameless way he's trying to cash in on the death of an innocent young black teenager.
3) You want to know how badly the right wing is trying to play catch up on the Martin case? Bill O'Reilly is calling for caution and prudence in not trying the case on TV. BILL. O'REILLY!
4) Jelly Belly jelly beans latest flavor: Santorum
5) And as if you need anymore reminding, a half BILLION dollars is up for grabs tonight.
6) Some boys have all the luck. I couldn't score with my high school cheerleaders.
7) Well, now we know why Newt met with Mitt in a hotel room yesterday. It wasn't the hot man-on-man sex, unless you consider Shelly Adelson a man
8) Hey! Rush Limbaugh really IS a comedian!
9) Now this is very cool.
10) And no surprise here: science demands intelligence and rigor in your thinking.