Monday, March 26, 2012

Trayvon Martin Update

1) Trayvon is still dead, despite whatever piss-poor regrets his murderer has.
2) Glenn Beck proves he's still a low-rent shit-stirrer.
3) The anger is welling, and not just in the "black community". I put that in quotations, because it's clear that the victim's race played a huge part in whether Zimmerman would have shot or not. Had it been a white boy, I'm sure Zimmerman would have followed him, but would have avoided confrontation. Zimmerman shot out of fear, that much is clear, but he weighs 250 lbs. Martin weighed 140 lbs. You do the math. This would never have happened if it had been a scrawny little white high school kid.
4) I don't agree with Spike Lee that publishing Zimmerman's address was doing the right thing. We're not Michelle Malkin, and I don't care what his kitchen countertops are made of.