Friday, February 07, 2014

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Kudos to Google for tweaking Vladimir Putin’s nose today by quoting the non-discrimination clause of the IOC charter.
2) Another chip of my childhood has fallen off my façade. RIP, Ralph. Heaven now has completed the best baseball announce crew in history. His was one of the first voices I can remember from childhood, and between him, Bob Murphy and Lindsey Nelson, he made watching a perennially losing team worth watching.
3) The winter Olympics do start today amidst more concerns for security than any Games I can remember, even the Salt Lake City ones that happened just after 9/11.
4) Want to lose weight? Stop eating so much on the weekends. Find an incentive to keep you otherwise occupied.
5) Earth, from Mars
7) All due respect, India, but WTF do you mean, “back up plan”?
8) This diplomat. I wonder if she’s a Bush holdover?
9) I can think of one, Joe. Her name is Hillary. I doubt you can beat her without tearing the party apart. But hey, I would have said the same thing about Obama in 2007.
10) It was fifty years ago today…where to start to talk about the Beatles and their impact on my life. I remember that Sunday standing in front of the RCA 17 inch black and white television – that’s right, television. Not security monitor, television – and strumming an air guitar to “I Wanna Hold Your Hand.” In a sentence, that pretty much sums up the impact. I learned that night to dream about something bigger than I could ever imagine previously. And it’s made all the difference. No one since has had the kind of earth-shaking effect on the culture on the planet. Michael Jackson came close, but by the time he was a dominant global force, the weird stories about him started to come out and his impact was softened. The Beatles made rock and roll clean-cut but still sexy. Even Elvis couldn’t pull that off.