Thursday, January 19, 2006

Cat Fight!!!!

Laura takes verbal swipe at Clinton


January 19, 2006

WASHINGTON -- Laura Bush raised a ruckus in the genteel first ladies' club yesterday by labeling Hillary Rodham Clinton's comments about GOP leaders as "ridiculous."

On Monday, New York's junior senator said during a Martin Luther King Day appearance in Harlem that GOP leaders run the House "like a plantation." Almost as an afterthought, Clinton predicted that Laura Bush's husband, George W. Bush, would go down in history as one of the worst presidents.

"I think it's ridiculous," Laura Bush said of the plantation comment during a discussion with reporters on the flight back from her Africa trip. "It's a ridiculous comment, that's what I think."

The first lady - a fierce defender of her husband's honor - broke an unwritten rule that bars presidents' wives from throwing down publicly on each other, said one well-placed Clinton supporter. The two first ladies have seemed cordial to each other during public appearances together.

"That's not very first-lady-like," said the supporter.

Clinton spokesman Philippe Reines refused to respond directly to Laura Bush's swipe, repeating his contention that the House leadership "has stifled real and substantive debate."
But what's even funnier is the New York GOP's response:
Clinton's camp brushed off a demand by former Yonkers mayor John Spencer, a Republican mulling a Senate run, that Clinton should apologize. Rep. Peter King (R-Seaford) made a similar suggestion yesterday on CNN, but stepped back from that comment when contacted by a Newsday reporter.

Sen. Barak Obama, an Illinois Democrat, rushed to Clinton's defense yesterday, saying the plantation statement was an accurate reflection of "the consolidation of power by the Republican Congress and the White House," adding, "if you are the ordinary voter, you don't have access."
"Ineffectual," springs to mind, that they trotted out a minor player in a minor role in a minor party. Sort of reminds of professional wrestling, where the manager, some seedy scrawny little pencil neck, tries to distract the champion by jumping up and down at ringside calling names. Even Peter King was forced to swallow his words, as you can see.

Still, the thought of Laura and Hillary squaring off in a jello wrestling match is....repulsive, frankly.

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