Monday, January 16, 2006

NeoCons: Closeted Homer Sexuals

I love it when Wolcott bitch-slaps NeoCons bitchslapping each's a tasty diversion from him bitchslapping NeoCons who are trying to purse-smack him:
"Gay tinge" is a rather prissy phrase on Podhoretz's part, as if Sullivan were trying to slip by a sly innuendo. There's no need to be sly. I won't presume to speak for Sullivan, but it's clear that there's a homoerotic ardor for Bush by neonconservatives that bypasses reason and reduces them to hero-worshipping mush.
Can't say it any better than that, but Wolcott manages to top himself...errrr, no pun intended, Mr. Wolcott. Sir.

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