Monday, January 16, 2006

My Favorite Coat

It's cold. It's dry. It's windy. It's a perfect day to wear my favorite coat.

My carrick. My greatcoat.

It covers me from head to toe (yes, I even have to lift it to climb stairs), and the shoulder cape has so many uses, from wrapping like a scarf to a modified hood. Originally a nobleman's coat, it was later discovered by carriage drivers as a way to bundle up against the cold bracing winds one would drive into in winter.

For me, though, this coat evokes a sense of romance, of passion.
Practically Byronian, wouldn't you say? Actually, this is precisely the version I own and can be purchased at (No, that's not me in the photo)

Life should be lived with romance and passion. Not romance and passion for a woman or a man, though that naturally follows, but for life itself. Understanding that by being who you are, you can accept who other people are more readily. Further, you don't have to rely on someone else to make you feel better about yourself (but again, that will happen, but organically) if you have passion about your life and yourself.

So go buy a carrick.

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