Sunday, June 25, 2006

Here's Looking At You, Kid....

He'll always have W. 103rd

Newsday Staff Writer

June 25, 2006

Two hundred New Yorkers flooded an Upper West Side block yesterday as actress Lauren Bacall uncovered a plaque commemorating her late husband, Humphrey Bogart.

Bacall's visit to the block capped off a yearlong effort by a local video store owner, Gary Dennis, to honor Bogart at the site of his childhood home, 245 W. 103rd St., a brownstone where he lived from his birth in 1899 until 1923. Their son, Stephen Bogart, 57, unveiled a sign yesterday that officially renames that stretch of city block Humphrey Bogart Place.
You learn something new every day. I always assumed Bogie was a Hollywood kid, since while he had this tough guy image, he also always came across kinda too SoCal for a true Manhattanite.

Now I know it's because he was a Columbia kid...

But it only serves to prove the axiom that only the greatest come from Manhattan.

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