Friday, June 30, 2006

Nobody Asked Me, But...

¶ Having Karl Rove lecture about the lessons learned from an honest and principled President like Teddy Roosevelt is a little like being ticketed by a drunk cop for DWI.

¶ Watching prime time television in June is like watching my paint dry.

¶ This summer looks like it will be the shortest on record, at least for me.

¶ The flooding in upstate New York, where I own a chalet, looks suspiciously like New Orleans after Katrina. They are unable to get food or medicine in to some of the towns, which are strewn along the banks of tributaries to the Delaware and Susquehana Rivers. Ten years ago, there was another "flood of the century"-- good thing this is a new century, huh, or they'd have two-- and it took a week for the area to re-open fully.

¶ I expect a worse response from FEMA than the Gulf Coast region got. And that's going to take an effort on their part, to underdo that response.

¶ I think Argentina or Germany will win the World Cup.

¶ I think the under/over for all three games of the Mets-Yankees Subway Series this weekend should be one hundred runs.

¶ I think the whole Star Jones/Barbara Walters "controversy" ought to be decided in a wrestling ring, except no one would bother to watch it. Which is why it bugs me that people care at all about it. I've seen it two days running on the Today Show and suspect Jones and Walters had this worked out ahead of time to promote her new career, talk show host on CNN.

¶ The Times/Wall Street Journal controversy smacks of deliberate misdirection, and if I had the chance, I'd shoot Karl Rove with a few milligrams of Pentothal and make him tell me the truth in front of witnesses.

¶ I think children are our future, if we can just get them to adulthood without losing our minds. Personally, I want mine to put me in a home that serves the good cat food.

¶ I plan on taking at least one trip to the Caribbean this year, but I might take another one. I have a friend who's hit some rough times, and he lost his dive buddy. It's a sacrifice, going to a tropical island in September, but somebody has to do it. The things I do for my friends...

¶ It's nearly Fourth of July. I've got a doozy of a post in the mental hopper that is my id, just waiting to be unleashed.

¶ I'm very worried about this country.

And with that, I bid you a fond Friday. Please drive or fly safely if you are travelling this weekend, and I'll either see you on the flip side, or tomorrow, as the case may be.