Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Snark Time

Summary: On Fox News Sunday, Brit Hume derided The New York Times' justification for revealing a Bush administration program that monitors international financial transactions. Responding to the notion that it is "a matter of public interest," Hume said: "Well, that can apply to almost anything. ... That applies to ball scores. And you know, I mean, women with their breasts exposed are a matter of public interest to some people."
True, Brit, but you know something: Women are allowed to do that, which makes it not news. The Bush administration may not be allowed to snoop into people's bank accounts, which makes it news. And therein lies the rub (no pun intended).

So I propose to experiment with Brit's theory. I'm going to do two posts: one featuring lots of large naked women's breasts (in fairness, I'll post some men's as well). And another featuring Brit Hume's financial information, at least whatever I can garner.

And let's see which one gets more hits. I'm guessing the boobs will win out (sorry, Brit, maybe if you took steroids and pumped a little iron), but clearly both are of compelling interest to my readers.

So, Brit? If you'd like to send my a PDF of your checkbook, we can get started. Unless you just want to admit you're being a boob about this.


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