Thursday, July 20, 2006

And The Award For....

.....Best Unintentional Self-Referential Irony By A NitWit goes to....Laura Ingraham!
INGRAHAM: "George Soros is giving money to this Democrat [sic] Alliance, and it's a shadowy group and it's like the new left wing mafia." It's like, yeah, bring it. "Left-wing mafia." They've got a bunch of warmed-over old socialist ideas that haven't sold in the last 26 years in this country. And they've been trying to sell these ideas and sell them and sell them. And who cares what they do? I mean, you can't -- if you want to play this political game, you cannot be bothered by what the gnats like Soros and company are doing. I mean, they're just a bunch of old cranks.

And my point to him was: I think you should be ecstatic that George Soros is draining his bank account once again. I mean, what did he spend last election? Sixty million? Something like that? Thirty? Sixty? Who knows? Who cares? But the point is, he spent a lot of money. And they thought when they dragged around Bon Jovi and Springspreen [sic] and Ben Affleck and this whole crowd, that they were going to somehow take the nation over. And it was going to be the youth vote, remember? "Vote or Die." Remember P. Diddy? "Vote or Die."

FOX: Soros couldn't even put a coherent thought together, remember?

INGRAHAM: Soros -- yeah, Soros cannot even speak coherently.
(Announcer V/O: Laura Ingraham, a two-time loser at marriage, once flooded her ex-fiancé's apartment while he was on a three week trip to China because he had the good sense to break off the engagement. She's wearing a hat of meat, and a gown by Frederick's Of Wallyworld)

Laura, a piece of advice from someone who's done radio...professionally...there are better ways to let your brain catch up with your mouth than to continually say "I mean," all the time. What that tells your listeners is that you really DIDN'T mean and really DON'T mean what you're saying.

And it's "DemocraCY Alliance" and "SpringsTeen", idjit.

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