Monday, July 17, 2006

And Now, The Bikini!

Because I spent my entire blogging weekend talking about stuff that was relevant, I figured I'd take a break and give you something nice and pretty and shiny to look at.

Lo, and behold, the Associated Press got the Summertime Blues, too, and have published an article celebrating the bikini!
The bikini’s beginnings
It was 60 years ago this summer that two Frenchmen - quel surprise! - created the tiny swimsuit
(ed note: Next time some FReeper calls you a "Frenchman," thank him with this :-) )
July 17, 2006

It figures: The bikini was created by men. It happened 60 years ago in - again, no surprise - France.

But it's women, and largely Hollywood stars of the 1950s, who embraced the belly-baring bathing suit and haven't let go.

A bikini is any two-piece swimsuit in which the bottom dips below the belly button. Or so says Kelly Killoren Bensimon, a model-turned-magazine editor who wrote "The Bikini Book" (Assouline, $29.95). The book aims to document the substantial significance the tiny two-piece has had on the world since Jacques Heim and Louis Reard introduced competing versions of the small suit.

Yes, a definite attitude adjustment on this very hot day