Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Where Are They Now (Christian Coalition Edition)?

Hard on the heels of yesterday's endorsement by this blog of Jon Tester over "C. Moremonetary" Burns in the Montana Senate race, comes this little item about yet another "morally upstanding" Republican to be tarred by the santorum(look it up)-laden brush of Jack Abramoff:
Reed faces tight vote for Georgia Lt Gov

By Matthew Bigg

ATLANTA (Reuters) - Ralph Reed, a poster boy for the Christian right who helped promote the rise of Republican political power in the 1990s, faced a tough primary vote in Georgia on Tuesday as he battled accusations of corruption.

Reed's role as former leader of the Christian Coalition, and his reputation as a clean-cut conservative with a talent for grass-roots organizing made him an early favorite in the election for Georgia's lieutenant governor in November.

But his opponent in the primary, Georgia state Sen. Casey Cagle, has launched a series of TV ads highlighting Reed's links to Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who pleaded guilty in January to charges of fraud, tax evasion and bribery.

One poll last week for InsiderAdvantage, an Atlanta-based pollster, said the race was too close to call, with Cagle at 42 percent support and Reed at 41 percent.

Cagle's attacks focus on a U.S. Senate Indian Affairs committee report on Abramoff last month that said Reed, in work as a lobbyist, rallied Christian conservatives to stop gambling initiatives. But it said that work was in part funded by competing gambling interests represented by Abramoff.
Let us pray:

OUR LORD, we, who long and yearn for a return to decent values and the End Days' war against evil, beseech thee: let Reed's reach be long, and his pockets deep and his tricks dirty in this race against Casey Cagle, who, although a good man, and an honest man, would deprive Your people of the opportunity to mash this subcommandante-Antichrist of the right wing into the Holy Mat of the Political Wrasslin' Ring. Deliver Reed from this defeat, so we can kick his righteous smarmy little ass into the Abyss, in Your name; we plead....Amen.

UPDATE: Oh Lord, please go fuck yourself...

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