Friday, November 03, 2006

Another GOP Crime Against Humanity

The Republican Party: Pro-Death:
Offer of free flu shots halted at polling places

Voting is good. Flu shots are good. But mix them together in the middle of a hard-fought election season and politics takes over.

Mayor Bill White ordered a halt Wednesday to the city health department's privately funded drive to offer flu vaccinations at early voting sites in predominantly Hispanic and black neighborhoods, amid conservative criticism that the effort would boost Democratic turnout.

About 1,300 flu shots were given to people age 50 or older in the past three days under the program, which didn't require the recipients to vote. Health officials said they were only trying to reach people in medically underserved communities.

White defended the program Wednesday but said he decided to abandon it to avoid the perception that it was an attempt to draw certain voters to the polls. White is a former chairman of the state Democratic Party and served in the administration of former President Clinton.
This was a privately funded operation whose sole purpose was to ensure the health of the elderly and young, in a convenient place to do it where people were already gathering. It's no different than holding an event like this in a church, a school, or a shopping mall.

Yet because of the whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiining of some candy ass Republicans, we will see dead babies littering the streets of Houston, dead from a deadly influenza outbreak, as up to 20% of the population of Houston will contract the flu (some 400,000 people). There could be as many as 5,000 people dead in Houston form the flu this year.

Republicans hate children. Especially minority children. Especially American minority children.

Jesus loves children. So, Republicans hate Jesus, too.

Why do Republicans hate America so?

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