Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sprinting To The Finish

House control in range for Democrats-Reuters poll

By John Whitesides, Political Correspondent

WASHINGTON, Nov 1 (Reuters) - Democrats are ahead in races for 12 of 15 key Republican-held seats in the U.S. House one week before the Nov. 7 elections, placing them within striking range of winning control of the chamber, according to Reuters/Zogby polls released on Wednesday.

Five Democrats had comfortable double-digit leads in the battle for the Congress, with just one Republican, Michele Bachmann in Minnesota, holding a double-digit advantage.

Seven of nine Republican incumbents trailed Democratic challengers in the polls, and Republicans were behind in five of six open Republican-held districts.

Democrats must pick up 15 seats to reclaim control of the House of Representatives, and the polls found Republicans struggling to avoid being swept from power for the first time since 1994.
12 of 15.

Not 8 of fifteen, nor nine, nor ten. Twelve. We need those last three seats, and we need them now. You can't be sure who will stumble badly in races that right now are "safe" (think about Mark Foley. His seat was a lock for Republicans, and now it looks like Dems will win that). Although many races that were not polled here were surprisingly competitive and it looks like the Dems may eke out a majority in the House, we have to work harder, better, smarter and now.
Just two Republican incumbents, Simmons and Drake, were ahead in their races. Republican Rep. Geoff Davis of Kentucky, who led Democrat Ken Lucas last month, trailed this time by 3 percentage points, within the margin of error.

Other trailing Republican incumbents were Rep. Christopher Shays of Connecticut, behind Democrat Dianne Farrell 51 percent to 44 percent; Rep. Jim Gerlach of Pennsylvania, who trailed Democrat Lois Murphy by 49 percent to 44 percent; Rep. Chris Chocola of Indiana, behind Democrat Joe Donnelly 52 percent to 39 percent, and Rep. Mike Sodrel, who trailed Democrat Baron Hill 48 percent to 46 percent.

Republican Rep. Charles Taylor of North Carolina closed the gap on Democrat Heath Shuler but still trailed by 48 percent to 43 percent, while Wilson in New Mexico was behind Democrat Patricia Madrid 53 percent to 44 percent.

In open seats, Bachmann in Minnesota led Democrat Patty Wetterling by 52 percent to 42 percent, but Democrats led in the five other open House seats polled.
If you have any spare funds lying around, saving them for a rainy day, now it's pouring. The Simmons and Drake races are both within striking distance, and if Michelle Bachmann (you remember her, the Fool For Christ?) stumbles badly in the pressure-filled last week and loses ground to Wetterling (who by all things good and decent should have had this race locked up months ago), we can really crush Republican hopes.

Start talking to people. Phoning them. Register with and go to a phone calling party, or get a list and do it from home.

If you live in any of these districts, start covering yourself in buttons and stickers, anything to get people talking to you. It's a lot easier for you to do it than for the rest of the country, because you eat in those restaurants and you pray in those churches and you go to those schools.

We can't let up now. The future of this nation, and quite literally, the future of humnanity, hangs in the balance. Not one voter missed. Not one vote uncounted.