Friday, November 03, 2006

Welcome To The Real World, England!

British believe Bush is more dangerous than Kim Jong-il

America is now seen as a threat to world peace by its closest neighbours and allies, according to an international survey of public opinion published today that reveals just how far the country's reputation has fallen among former supporters since the invasion of Iraq.

Carried out as US voters prepare to go to the polls next week in an election dominated by the war, the research also shows that British voters see George Bush as a greater danger to world peace than either the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il, or the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Both countries were once cited by the US president as part of an "axis of evil", but it is Mr Bush who now alarms voters in countries with traditionally strong links to the US.
Now, finally, we have a reason why Bush has not captured Osama bin Laden...
In Britain 71% of voters now say the invasion was unjustified, a view shared by 89% of Mexicans and 73% of Canadians. Canada is a Nato member whose troops are in action in Afghanistan. Neither do voters think America has helped advance democracy in developing countries, one of the justifications for deposing Saddam Hussein. Only 11% of Britons and 28% of Israelis think that has happened.

As a result, Mr Bush is ranked with some of his bitterest enemies as a cause of global anxiety. He is outranked by Osama bin Laden in all four countries, but runs the al-Qaida leader close in the eyes of UK voters: 87% think the al-Qaida leader is a great or moderate danger to peace, compared with 75% who think this of Mr Bush.
Yes! No President Left Behind! We're Number Two! We're Number Two! Woooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

So, we're looking at a case of accountability, it seems. Unfettered power, coupled with a rubber stamp "oversight" (i.e. the US Congress and the Supreme Court) have created a danger almost as great as Al Qaeda (and in truth, doesn't Osama really represent ALL terrorists now, at least in the eyes of the general public?).

Which sort of explains this story: Iran Test-Fires 3 New Missiles in Gulf

And this sad novel: Israel holds off in Gaza; Troops seize town, but scale back plans for offensive in light of talks over kidnapped soldier, Bush meeting

And this nightmare: Nuke test set up talks

And how this scare plays out: U.S.: Wave of Attacks Planned in Nigeria

Also this Halloween story: Syria, Iran plotting Lebanon coup, U.S. says

But this? : Congress Tells Auditor in Iraq to Close Office

What in the hell are they thinking? Or are they so certain that the Democrats will regain control of both houses that they figure they won't even need a shredder; a bomb will do?

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