Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I seem to have missed a rather large story from the campaign trail whilst away. I will get back to it, as I have pretty strong feelings about it, and about the idiot who created an unneccessary storm.

I want to thank Katrina for stepping in literally on no notice and filling up the blog admirably. I try to encourage her to speak more when I am posting as well, but I guess maybe she feels intimidated. I can suck the air out of a room, to be sure.

It's been a very difficult year and a half, to be sure. When I add up all that's happened, from my asthma attacks to the death of my father to my encounter with cancer, and the two IRS difficulties in between, it's a wonder I haven't cracked up.

And that's not counting the myriad other insults and injuries I've suffered just this year alone.

So I took an opportunity and removed myself from the fray. I stayed away from the TV, the phone, the Internet. I did read the newspaper on occasion, but focused on the sports pages.

I couldn't sleep at night for all the stress and medical restrictions, but I did manage to doze in the day time. I took five days for myself, and it was worth it. I still haven't slept for almost two months now, except the odd hour here and there, but my mind is recharged and I'm ready to battle with life again.

So...what else did I miss?