Friday, April 18, 2008

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) Does Barack Obama have a shred of dignity left?

2) Nice touch. In front of a room full of children, too, and have you ever noticed how he starts this whole "gangsta rap" rhthym when he's talkin' 'bout Hill? Like he be Will Smiff or sumpin' sumpin'? And to think everyone got all rowdy when Biden be callin' him "articulate," an shi'likedat!

3) Disgraceful. Simply disgraceful.

4) In the past six months, Citigroup has lost more money than the budgets of several large states!

5) Yet, Obombers look like they're trading in the stock market: total disconnect from the reality of American life.

6) Lose $21 billion or so in less than a year, and your stock goes up.

7) Just in case you think America is safe, just look up New Madrid Fault.

8) Maybe God's angry at Barack Obama for being such a jerk to His people?

9) And will someone finally reconcile Obama's comments about religion as a crutch or drug and his adult-life-long love affair with a hate-mongering preacher whose church he attended full time????

10) Speaking of religion, the Pope is in New York, thus answering the life long question, "Yes, the Pope shits in the woods!" He apparently also skateboards.