Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lt. Commander Michael Diaz, Hero

"A Tale of Three Lawyers"

Scott Horton
Harper's Magazine

"Matthew Diaz served his country as a staff judge advocate at Guantánamo. He watched a shameless assault on America’s Constitution and commitment to the rule of law carried out by the Bush Administration. He watched the introduction of a system of cruel torture and abuse. He watched the shaming of the nation’s uniformed services, with their proud traditions that formed the very basis of the standards of humanitarian law, now torn asunder through the lawless acts of the Executive. Matthew Diaz found himself in a precarious position—as a uniformed officer, he was bound to follow his command. As a licensed and qualified attorney, he was bound to uphold the law. And these things were indubitably at odds."

Take note of the retribution exacted.

Why did we hear exponentially (geez, I typoed expoonentially at first!) more about bj's in the Oval Office than we hear about TORTURE and the discussions, demonstrations, and retributions surrounding it's practice in SAME OFFICE??????? Why??????