Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Really, W? Obama magnanimously invites you to help celebrate the execution of the man YOU said had to be caught, dead or alive, and you turn him down?
I wish, I sincerely wish, I could travel back in time to September 13, 2001 with a copy of this story, so you'd get a clear picture of what a buffoon you truly are, have been, and always will be. While you stand up there, spouting your nonsense thru the bullhorn of history's judgement, I would sidle up to you, and show you how humilated you become.
I doubt it would make a whit of difference to your overblown ego-trip that somehow you were a warrior, that you mattered in the annals of history, but just knowing that I did all that I could to prevent the catastrophe that was the next eight years of your administration would be enough. And if history crushed you under its wheels anyway? I could sleep at night.