Friday, May 06, 2011

Nobody Asked Me, But...

1) And now, as a public service to those of my readers who have difficulty with their hearing, I will repeat the top story of the day aided by the Headmaster of the New York School for the Hard of Hearing, Actor212.
Our top story today: Osama bin Laden is still dead.
2) Along that lines, it looks like a couple of New Yorkers yesterday did what only New Yorkers could do: tried to steal the spotlight.
3) As if this week could get any better for President Obama...wait, it just did!
4) Because all of the world's financial problems have been solved, the Wall Street Journal has turned to giving dating advice.
6) I heard there was something on last night about Republicans running for some office, but since the Obama re-election looks like a lock...I watched pro wrestling instead. I hate knowing ahead of time the outcome of an event.
7) Now that bin Laden is dead, whither Pakistan?
8) They are dropping like flies over at FOX News...
9) I have to be honest: when Obama's health care reform included an individual mandate to purchase health insurance, I was surprised the Republicans got their panties in a knot over it. Isn't this precisely the kind of micro-managed intervention they specialize in?
Um, yea. It is.
10) Another reason President William Jefferson Clinton will go down in history as Teh. Greatest. President. Ever.