Monday, November 28, 2005

Are You An Irritable Male?

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I scored a 47.

In our study of nearly 10,000 males we found that a score of 0-25 indicated none or few signs of IMS. A score 26-49 suggests some indications of IMS. You may want to take the quiz again to see if things improve or get worse. A score of 50-75 indicates that IMS is likely and we suggest you seek help. A score of 76 and above indicates that IMS is definitely present and it is advisable that you seek help right away.

Your Primary Category Types are:

Type 6: Exhausted
Men who fall into this category are tired a good deal of the time. We often feel stressed at home and at work. Life can seem overwhelming at times and we think of getting away from it all. Our energy level is low and it seems we are often running on empty. We may have difficulty sleeping. We often feel we haven’t lived up to our potential.

Type 9: Bored
Men who fall into this category act bored, but often feel frustrated. We feel quite cynical about life and often think that things are going down the tubes. Although we are dissatisfied with the way things are we don’t have much hope that things will improve. We can be quite cutting in our remarks and often don’t realize the pain we cause.

Your Secondary Category Type is:

Type 4: Unappreciated
Men who fall into this category often feel unappreciated and unloved. Whether we are with a partner or on our own we have a deep feeling of sadness and loneliness. We try and be nice and accommodating but it seems that we give more than we receive. We long to have an intimate partnership, but our hidden anger often pushes people away.
Ain't that the truth! Well, except for the "hidden" bit...
Oh, while you're at it, taking tests and all....
You are Spock
Very loyal and a good friend. You will sacrifice
yourself for others and give very good advice.
You are very serious person, but also can have
fun if you want.

Which Alien are you?
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