Sunday, November 27, 2005

First, We Had Gay Dogs.....

Hat tip to The Moderate Voice for this doozy:
As reported in The Oxford (UK, and yes, that Oxford...) Student last term, (Sam) Brown had just left the Cellar Bar when he allegedly called out to the policemen “Mate, you know your horse is gay, I hope you don’t have a problem with that.” Warned by one officer not to repeat his comment, Brown reassured him that he was not insulting both horses, and said: “No, don’t worry. Your horse is fine, it’s his horse, his horse is gay.” He then proceeded to follow the policemen down the street, repeating his comments.

“Sam was adamant his equine gaydar was accurate,” eyewitness Daniel Cooper told The Oxford Student at the time. However, the officers considered the comments to be a breach of the Public Order Act, and took him into custody, calling on two squad cars and six policemen to make the arrest.
I'm not sure which is funnnier: the fact the cops just couldn't ride away, or the fact that it took six more cops to arrest the wanker. P.S. He refused to pay an £80 fine (about $150), and is testing the case in the docket.

Good on ya, mate!