Thursday, December 01, 2005

More Hot Air From The Bushies

US rejects Blair's climate hopes

The US has dismissed a suggestion from UK Prime Minister Tony Blair that it may be prepared to sign up to binding targets to tackle climate change.
Speaking at UN climate talks in Canada, the US chief negotiator said his nation would not enter talks about fixed curbs on emissions of greenhouse gases.

Mr Blair told UK business leaders on Tuesday that he believed all major nations would support new targets.

The current targets within the Kyoto Protocol will expire in 2012.

"We would certainly not agree to the United States being part of legally binding targets and timetable agreement post-2012," Dr Harlan Watson, the head of the US delegation, told reporters at the climate conference in Montreal.
In other words, we'll take our ball and bat and go home.
Dr Watson was responding directly to comments made by the UK prime minister at a Confederation of British Industry conference in London.

Mr Blair told delegates: "Climate change is producing a sense of urgency. I have no doubt where policy is heading, here, in the US, [and] across the emerging economies of the world.

"I believe there will be a binding international agreement to succeed Kyoto when the protocol expires in 2012 that will include all major economies."
I've got a compound word that describes what the US just did to our staunchest ally: smackdown!

We're fucked, the longer these assholes remain in power.