Thursday, December 01, 2005

Still The One

I swear, that will be the only Orleans pun I use in this piece...

You may recall last year in the election campaign, Bush/Cheney used the song "Still The One" at campaign stops until the band, Orleans, told them to stop?

Apparently, it pushed John Hall, who along with his then-wife wrote the song, to seek higher office. Hall had been a local Democratic legislator, but had retired from public service, and was writing music as well as serving on the board of Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, a project designed to attract attention to the pollution of the Hudson River and preservation of the Hudson River valley environment.

So now, given the Bushies, and the big corporate interests placing our nation in thrall to them, Hall has decided to run for Congress. From his website:
I've always been proud of our country, but we deserve to be proud of our government. Dishonesty, cronyism, and pandering to special interests have damaged the reputation and interests of the United States of America both at home and around the world.

If elected, I will be a voice for truth. No more "Clear Skies" initiative that allows more greenhouse gases in our air; no more "Healthy Forests" plan that lets timber companies build roads and cut prime trees in our national forests. No more tax "reform" bills that result in a greater gap between rich and poor, and especially no more wars based on false premises.

It's time to REDEFINE NATIONAL SECURITY to include all the factors that make the United States of America strong and safe, in the present and future.

I've been blessed with a successful career in the music business, but I'm so concerned about the direction the Bush administration and this Congress are taking our Country that I am committing myself fully to this campaign. I am not beholden to any special interest group, and will do my best to represent all the citizens of the 19th District. Please consider what I have to say, and help me in any way you are able.
Good luck, John!