Thursday, March 16, 2006

Bush: Failure At Llap Goch

Bush Sees Iran As Possibly Greatest Threat

Associated Press Writer

March 16, 2006, 7:37 AM EST

WASHINGTON -- President Bush said Thursday Iran may pose the greatest challenge to the United States and diplomacy to thwart the Islamic nation's nuclear program must prevail to avoid confrontation.

In a 49-page national security report, the president reaffirmed the strike-first, or pre-emptive policy he first outlined in 2002. Diplomacy is the U.S. preference in halting the spread of nuclear and other heinous weapons, Bush said.
Spinning the Axis of Evil again, eh, Dumbya?

Apparently, Bush is studying, and failing, the Welsh art of Llap Goch.

He missed the first lesson: Never let your attacker know you're going to attack first. In fact, it's best if he doesn't even know you at all! Sneak up on him, preferably when you're both remember that feeling, dontcha, Georgie?...and bash him over the head with a bottle then run like hell.

It's basically the "Shock and Awe" strategy taken to its logical conclusion, or concussion, as the case may be. Hit him with overwhelming firepower before he's had the chance to mount any serious acknowledgement that you're about to attack him. Before he's even seen you crouching in the brush. Before he's even smelled the "whuskey" on your breath or see the empty Jameson's bottle in your hand.

Go on, George. You might as well cement your place in hisotry as the world's biggest bully.

And wimp.

(Hisotry...that's like history only faster)

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