Sunday, March 12, 2006

Polls Will Close Sunday Night, March 12th, At 11:59 PM (ET)

The 2005 Koufax Awards for Best New Blog

The 2005 Koufax Awards for Blog Most Deserving of Wider Recognition

I don't figure to win, but I hope to make it past the first round. I think for a blog that's only been in existence for five months, that would be a feather in my cap. Please vote. Please? Pretty please?

I'll even come and wash your windows!

Who I'm Up Against:
Best New Blog

Adventures in Ethics and Science (prior url), The Adventures of the Smart Patrol, Aetiology (prior url), Agitprop, The Anonymous Liberal, The Anticentenarian, Arvin Hil's Carnival of Horror, BagNewsNotes, Bats Left Throws Right, Battlepanda, Blind in Texas, Blog Them Out of the Stone Age, The Bluegrass Report, Blue NC,, Booman Tribune, Born at the Crest of the Empire, Bottle of Blog, Brother Kenya's Paradigm, Buridan's Ass, By Neddie Jingo, A Capitol Blog, Carrie's Bar & Grill, Conservative Truths, Contrary Brin, Cosmic Variance, Crazy Fingers, Dadahead, The Daily Curmudgeon, Danner, Keeps No Company, Daveawayfromhome, The Defeatists , Democracy Arsenal, Democracy Cell Project, Dharma Bums, Dictionopolis In Digitopolis, Dodecahedron, Dos Centavos, Driftglass, The Duck of Minerva, Dymaxion World, Dump Mike Ferguson, Effwit, Empire Burlesque, European Tribune, Evolving Thoughts, The Executioner's Thong, The Fat Lady Sings, Fired Up Missouri, Free the Captives Now, From the Rooftops, The Garlic, A Girl's Guide to the Universe & Other Misadventures, Good as You, Green LA Girl, The Happy Feminist, Healthy Policy, The Heretik, Human Voices, I Blame The Patriarchy, The Impolitic, Incomprehensible Demoralization, Inflatable Dartboard, In the Pink Texas, The Jeffersonian, Left in SF, The (liberal) Girl Next Door, Liberally Speaking, Liberal Truths, Living the Scientific Life (prior url), The Low Road, Long Sunday, Lydia Cornell, Mad Melancholic Feminista, Making conservatives cringe since 1977, Malkin(s)watch, The Marigold Trail, Merlot Democrats, Mephistophocles, Mia Culpa, The Moquol, My Left Wing, Neil Shakespeare, The Next Hurrah, News Corpse, No Blood for Hubris, Olduvai George, The Omnipotent Poobah Speaks, On the Left Tip, Our Word, Patriot Daily, Pen & Sword, Phronesisaical, Pink Dome, Political Cortex, Pensito Review, The Petrelis Files,
Political Cortex, Prawfsblawg, Printculture, Psychotic Patriot, The Questionable Authority, The Reaction, Republic of Dogs, Scout Prime, Scriptoids , Simply Left Behind, Some Watery Thoughts, State of the Day, Stayin' Alive, Stop the Spirit of Zossen, Street Prophets, Sufficient Scruples, The Supreme Irony of Life, Talk2Action, The Tao of Politics, Taylor Marsh, The Terminal Velocity of Sausage, That's Another Fine Mess, Think Progress, Thou Shall Not Suck, Unclaimed Territory by Glenn Greenwald, Yep, another Goddamned blog,

Most Deserving of Wider Recognition

1115, 2 Political Junkies, 3 Quarks Daily,
The Abstract Factory, Acephalous, Adventures of the Smart Patrol, Adventus, Agitprop, akou, All Spin Zone, Alternate Brain, American Leftist, The American Sector, Angry Bear, Angry Old Broad, Ang's Weird Ideas, Anne Zook, Anne's Anti-Quackery & Science Blog, Apostropher, Archy, Arms and Influence, Arms Control Wonk, Arse Poetica, Axis of Evel Knievel, Bag News Notes, Barely Legal, Bark Bark Woof Woof, Bark/Bite, Bartcop, BattlePanda, Beautiful Horizons, Bilerico, Bill's Big Diamond Blog, Bionic Octopus, Birmingham Blues, Black Prof, Black Feminism, Blah3, Blanton's and Ashton's, Blog Them Out of the Stone Age, Blue Girl in a Red State, Blue Meme, The Blue Republic, Blondesense, Bootstrap Analysis, Bouphonia, Brilliant at Breakfast, Brother Kenya's Paradigm, By Neddie Jingo!, Byzantium's Shores, Capitalist Pig vs. Socialist Swine, The Cassandra Pages, Circle Jerk at the Square Dance, Coalition for Darfur, Coeruleus , The Cognoscenti, Colorado Luis, Comments From Left Field, Common Sense, Conservative Truths, Contrary Brin, The Countess, Creek Running North, CT Blue, Curly Tales of War Pigs, Culture of Life News, Dadahead, Daily Dissent, The Daily Howler, The Dark Wraith Forums, David E's Fablog, Decorabilia, The Defeatists, Deltoid, Democratic Veteran, Demagogue, Den of Iniquity, Dependable Renegade, Dictionopolis In Digitopolis, The Disgruntled Chemist, Doctor Biobrain, Dodecahedron, Dohiyi Mir, Donkey O.D., DovBear, Driftglass, Dynamics of Cats, Easter Lemming Liberal News Digest, Eccentric Star, Echidne of the Snakes, Effect Measure, Elaine Riggs, Electronic Darwinism, Elementropy, Enemy of the State, ePluribus Media, Ethel, the Early-Warning Frog, Everything Between, Expostulation, Facing South, Factesque, Faithful Progressive, The Fat Lady Sings, Five Wells, Flogging the Simian, Frogs and Ravens, From the Rooftops, The Galloping Beaver, The Garlic: All The Cloves Fit To Peel, Geeky Mom, The Green Knight, Grumpy Old Man, Half Changed World, The Happy Feminist, Happy Furry Puppy Story Time, Hoffmania!, I Blame the Patriarchy, I Cite, Iddybud, Idyllopus, Is That Legal, It's Morning Somewhere, Journalists Against Bush's B.S. (JABBS), Jesse's Blog, Just A Bump on the Beltway,
Keat's Telescope, The Kentucky Democrat, kid oakland, King of Zembla, Lance Mannion, Laughing Wild, Lawyers, Guns and Money, Lean Left, The Left Coaster, Left I on the News, Legal Fiction, Legally Blonde , Lenin's Tomb, Liberal Avenger, Liberal Street Fighter, Liberal Truths, Liberalism without Cynicism, Liberty Street USA, Limbo, Limited, Inc., Linkmeister, Little Wild Bouquet, Living the Scientific Life, Loaded Mouth,
Long Sunday, Looking for Someone to Lie to Me, Low on the Hog, The Low Rent Rat, Mad Kane's Notables, Mahablog, Making conservatives cringe since 1977, Malkin(s)Watch, Mark LeVine, Martini Republic, Media Girl, Meat-Eating Leftist,
Merlot Democrats, Metacomments, The Moderate Voice, The Moquol, MoxieGrrrl, Murky Thoughts, Mykeru, My Left Wing, My Very Brain, Naked Under My Lab Coat, Needlenose, Neil Shakespeare, News Corpse, Newshog, Newsrack, The Next Hurrah, Night Bird's Fountain, Nitpicker, No Blood for Hubris, No Capital, No More Apples, No More Mister Nice Blog, No More Mr. Nice Guy, Norwegianity, Nothing New Under the Sun, Nur al-Cubicle, One Woman Wrecking Crew, One Good Move, The Opinion Mill, Opinions You Should Have, Pacific Views, Patridiot Watch, Patriot Daily Blog: thinkings, Pam's House Blend, The People's Republic of Seabrook, Pinko Feminist Hellcat, Political Animals, Political Cortex, Politics in the Zeros, Peace Tree Farm, Past Peak, A Perfectly Cromulent Blog, Phronesisaical, Posthegemony,
Prairie Weather, Preemptive Karma, Prometheus6, Progressive Blog Digest, Progressive Gold, The Progressive Trail, PSoTD, The Psychotic Patriot, Pudentilla's Perspective, Pulse, Random Thoughts, The Reaction, Red Grange Run, Redneck Mother, Red State Diaries, Red State Rabble, Republic of T, Resistance, Rhinocrisy, Riley Dog,
Rising Hegemon, Road To Surfdom, Saint Nate's Blog, Science And Politics, Scriptoids, Scrutiny Hooligans, Seeing the Forest, Shining Light In Dark Corners, The Sideshow, Simian Brain, Simply Left Behind, Sister Scorpion, SistersTalk, Sisyphus Shrugged, Skimble, Spontaneous Arising,
Stayin' Alive, Steven Bates, the Yellow Doggerel Democrat, Stygius, Street Prophets, Stone Bridge, Suburban Ecstasies, Sufficient Scruples, Syria Comment, The Talent Show, Talk To Action, The Tattered Coat, Taylor Marsh, That Colored Fella, Theology&Geometry, Thoughts from Kansas, Thoughts of an Average Woman, Tiny Cat Pants, Tom Watson, To The Audient Void, Total Information Awareness, Unbossed, Under the Same Sun, Upon Further Review, Veiled 4 Allah, The Viscount LaCarte, Xpatriated Texan, xymphora, Waveflux, We Move to Canada, Whatever It Is, I'm Against It, WhirledView, Why Are We Back In Iraq?, Winding Road In Urban Area, Wis[s]e Words, World War 4 Report, World Wide Webers, Yelladog, Yep, another Goddamned blog,