Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Oh Brother...What An Idiot!

I'm convinced Tom Suozzi is about to switch parties...
Suozzi vows to fix 'crushing' taxes


March 15, 2006

Mingling his state campaign themes with his official goals, Nassau County Executive Thomas Suozzi declared last night that, whether or not he is elected governor, he will work to lighten the state's "crushing burden of high property taxes."

Suozzi made the pledge in his fifth State of the County address -- his last if he achieves his dream at the polls., Tom?

Didn't you just raise property taxes in Nassau County by 19% within the past three years? Aren't Nassau County's property and sales taxes the highest in the state? Don't they rank in the top ten in the country?

And isn't the Nassau County administrator's office the FIRST and ONLY place that property and sales taxes can be imposed? Who's running your campaign? A bunch of amnesiacs?

What an idiot!!!!

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