Monday, March 13, 2006

A Very Big Thank You

To all of you who voted for me (and to all of you who voted for someone else but came over here and had the guts to admit you did, whether you realized I was in the hunt or not), thank you.

I've scanned the threads (I swear, running a blog is a little like owning stocks; you can't help but keep track of things!), and I'm fairly sure I won't land in the finals of either category, but I look at it this way: there are millions of blogs in America, probably 100,000 that deal with politics, and likely half of those deal with left-wing politics.

100 or so, about 0.1%, were named. I was among them. My thanks to you who nominated me (I scrupulously did not name my own blog, altho I did cheapen things by voting for it,) which included Miss Cellania, who really deserved her own nomination, but she doesn't blog enough politics to qualify.

I ran up a couple dozen votes based on the responses here. To you, my thanks for putting up with my (as KEvron noted) shameless self-promotion (and KEv deserves a nom in 2006, so make a note of that.)

My thanks to my commenters and contributors (not of money, goodness knows, but of material, especially Katrina, who continues to wish to remain nameless to the rest of you) who made this blog as good as it has become since last summer. I noted a few voters in the Wampum threads who named me whom I did not recognize, so obviously there's a silent...minority? Majority?...out there following this little backwater eddy of blogtopia© (©Skippy the Bush Kangaroo).

My thanks to the blogs who link to this site, all of whom I try to visit as regularly as a spastic colon. I'm thrilled that many of them recognize me in their blogrolls alongside such important blogs as Atrios and DailyKos (who don't require yet ANOTHER link to their sites! :D)

And finally, and most important, my thanks to my readers, without whom...well, I'd still write this crap, but it wouldn't be nearly as much fun!

I see that Jon Stewart is in the wings and the orchestra is tuning up, so let me thankmymom,mydaughter,andmostlofallGodwithoutwhomallthings,
mygamewinningtouchdown,andthishonorwouldnotbepossible, peace out y'all!

(P.S. I would have posted this yesterday as a blatant last minute attempt to secure a few more votes but I was on my back (NO! Not earning tip money to keep this blog going!) and couldn't get up to sit and blog)