Thursday, May 19, 2011

Deficit Reduction In Khakis

There are a few facts to keep in mind when thinking about force reductions and other defense budget cuts:
1) Like it or not, America is still the number one target for aggression. We're the bully on the block, no matter how benign we may come off. People know we've done nasty stuff in the past and could be doing any number of things covertly now. And even if we aren't, recent history suggests that we'd be blamed anyway, and rightly. Bullies never get what they want, even if it's to be left alone. Right, Arnold? Donald?
2) We outspend all other nations combined in defense spending.
3) We do need to stay, technologically, at the forefront of defense technology. I'm sad to say that, but facts are facts: we've a habit of fighting the last war over again, which is why Iraq and Afghanistan have been such slogs. We need to be nimble enough on our feet to avoid this because one day it will bite us in the ass at home.