Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Not Buying It, Arnold

This is, according to the sheepledom, the proximate cause of his separation and ultimate divorce from his wife of 25 years. He's been paying child support for the past ten years to the woman.
Some curious things arise here: the time frame, for one thing. Someone gets pregnant and has a child and remains on staff (covering her tracks by saying her husband was the father).
Arnold pays support (presumably through some mechanism to cover his tracks).
And yet, no one, not Maria, not the woman's husband, questions the money either going out or coming in?
After all, he's Schwarzenegger. He has bucks and you have to know, no matter how pathetically devoted she might have been, he ponied up enough to keep her silence at least to the media.
Which means hubby must have noticed that the bank balances were rather...hefty. Or that the kid was getting the finest stuff on her salary. Or that her salary was out of the range one might expect.
Ten. Years.
I still think I was right. This isn't the story.